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Food Handlers Examinations

This consists is statutory requirement for those in industry who handle food. We are able to provide the necessary screening that is vital to ensure corporates have a healthy workforce thereby reducing the spread of infectious diseases. The tests includes but is not limited to a general examination, chest x-ray, ecg (when necessary), rectal swab, widal test.

Immigration Medical Examinations

This consists of various tests and examination as per requirement of the country. We are able to customize our examinations to meet the specific requirements per country. We also carry out fitness to fly examinations.

BMC Health Checks

With BMC Personalized Health Check, we have made a paradigm shift in the manner health checks were delivered. Under this package, a Doctor will first meet you and get a thorough understanding of your past and current medical history, family history, lifestyle, environmental and socio economic conditions, occupation, etc

General Medicals

Pre-employment examinations for corporates. We are also able to do examinations on current workforce and screen for disease. Early diagnosis leads to better outcomes for both staff and also for corporates.